The Passion


Presenting the Passion ... without blaming "the Jews"

This video series is offered by the International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ) in collaboration with its United States national member organisation, the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations.

In the series, members of the Christian Scholars Group on Christian-Jewish Relations, along with two Jewish advisors, explore four scenes in the Passion story. Based on decades of research, they consider how Jesus’ Passion can be presented in fresh ways that repudiate anti-Jewish biases and illuminate the gospel message.

Click on the ICCJ link below and scroll down to view and play the four videos:
1. Judas and Betrayal (“Do you betray me with a kiss?”)
2. The Jewish Leaders and Conspiracy (“Looking for a way to arrest Jesus … and kill him”)
3. The Jewish Crowd, Pilate, and Guilt (“His blood be on us and our children”)
4. The Crucifixion and Accountability (“And they took him away and crucified him”)


Preaching and Teaching with Love and Respect for the Jewish People

In 2022 the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America published a 56-page guide to “Preaching and Teaching ‘With Love and Respect for the Jewish People’.” The title quotes a key phrase from the Church’s 1994 Declaration to the Jewish Community. Coming from the Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Jewish Relations and endorsed by the Conference of Bishops, it constitutes an important teaching document and guidance on behalf of the denomination.

Click on link: Preaching and Teaching ‘With Love and Respect for the Jewish People’

Conversations on Christian-Jewish Relations

As a visiting professor at Gratz College in Philadelphia, Rabbi Abraham Skorka conducted a series of interviews with several leading figures in Christian-Jewish and interreligious relations. The Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations has made them available, courtesy of the Jewish Christian Studies Program and Gratz College. Rabbi Skorka is the emeritus rector of Seminario Rabbinico Latinamericano Marshall T. Meyer in Buenos Aires and co-author with Pope Francis of On Heaven and Earth, a book of their dialogues. Please click the link below to go to the website of the Council of Centres on Jewish-Christian Relations to view the video series:

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