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The Council of Christians and Jews, Western Australia Inc. (CCJWA) was inaugurated in 1995 as a non-profit organisation with its  own  Constitution  (effective June 2019). CCJWA forms the Western Australian chapter of the Australian Council of Christians and Jews (ACCJ) which was first launched in Victoria in 1985.

CCJWA is endorsed by five religious communities and the religious leaders of those communities are joint Honorary Presidents of the organisation.

The original Council of Christians and Jews was established in Britain in 1942 as a means of addressing Nazi antisemitism. The Council is now an international body, the International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ).

The Council is not a missionary organisation nor is it a political organisation. The purpose of the Council is to promote religious openness leading to a deeper understanding and mutual respect for the beliefs and practices of both Jews and Christians.

The Council promotes interfaith dialogue and communication, research, study and education, respect and reconciliation, harmony and understanding.

The Council’s aims are entirely relevant to contemporary Australian Society in a world where antisemitism is again on the rise, and where religious tolerance, diversity and inclusion are fundamental values in our multicultural society.

Events 2024

Please refer below to the list of planned events for 2024 —
further details to be provided.

Interfaith Seminar

Kristallnacht Commemoration: Night of Broken Glass
Sunday 10 November

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