Please find below a list of book titles, recommended by the Council:
  • A Handbook of Jewish Thought (volumes 1 and 2) by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, published by Maznaim Publishing Co., 4304 12th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11219
    Aryeh Kaplan was not only a prolific translator and innovative kabbalist but a nuclear physicist as well.

  • Blood Brothers, by Elias Chacour, published by Chosen Books, a division of Baker Book House Company, PO Box 6287, Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287 (Foreword by James A. Baker III, former US Secretary of State)
    "In Blood Brothers, Chacour blends his riveting life story with historical research to reveal a little-known side of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the birth of modern Israel.  He touches on controversial questions such as:
    * What behind-the-scenes politics touched off the turmoil in the Middle East?
    * What does Bible prophecy really have to say?
    * Can bitter enemies ever be reconciled?
    In a world of tension and terror, this book offers hope and insight that can help each of us learn to live at peace."

  • Judaism and Christianity, Essays by Leo Baeck, published by Harper and Row, 49 East 33rd Street, NY 10016
    This book explores the difference between Judaism and Christianity, and highlights the incorporation of Jewish thought in the New Testament and the way it is interpreted.

  • Loving the Torah more than God? Toward a Catholic Appreciation of Judaism by Frans Jozef van Beeck, London University Press, 3441 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60657, (Foreword by Eugene B. Borowitz)
    "[This book] reminded me of an address I gave in the 1966 convention of the Religious Education Association.  I was invited to speak as part of a three-faith plenary session on the general theme of the ecumenical spirit.  What I said was that we would not truly exemplify it until we had gone beyond good will and deeper understanding to the point where we could argue our differences with love...It has been a long wait to see if that hope could be fulfilled on either side.  In this book it has." (Excerpt from the Foreword by Eugene B. Borowitz, Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion.)

  • Philosophies of Judaism (History of Jewish Philosophy from Biblical Times to Franz Rosenzweig) by Julius Guttmann, published by Schocken Books, NY.
    This book portrays the interaction of Jewish and secular philosophy.

  • The Book of Our Heritage: The Jewish Year and its Days of Significance by Eliyahu Kitov, published by Feldheim Publishers, 200 Airport Executive Park, Nanuet, NY10054.
    This work gives a practical overview of Jewish observance in the yearly cycle.

  • The Essence of Judaism by Leo Baeck, published by Harper and Row, 49 East 33rd Street, NY 10016
    This book was written by outstanding Rabbi and Philosopher, Leo Baeck, who was the leader of German Jews during the Holocaust years.


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