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2011 Annual General Meeting

Address:  The Reverend Ron Larkin, Moderator, Uniting Church in WA

Topic:      Light Eternal - Jews and Judaism
                A Statement by the Uniting Church in Australia
                National Assembly 2010


Chairperson's Address


The Rev Charles Waddell, Chair CCJWA Inc.   The Rev Ron Larkin, Uniting Church in WA


Screening of the film The Quarrel - for CCJWA members and friends
(Canada, 1999, directed by Eli Cohen)

The Quarrel brings to the screen one of the most powerful works of modern literature a haunting story by Yiddish writer Chaim  Grade that was written shortly after the Second World War.  Two survivors of the Holocaust, accidentally reunited in a park in Montreal in 1948, take up their argument just where they left it nine years earlier; one of the men is a pious Hasid who runs a yeshiva for Jewish orphans, the other a secular writer who has long since lost his religious faith.  The war deprived them of everything, including all the members of their families; yet, instead of deadening their appetite for life, the losses they suffered and the brutalities they witnessed have only reinforced the Orthodox Jew's trust in God and the secular skeptic's trust in himself.

As they spend the day together, the two men alternately cling together to recall their common past, and lock horns in debate over their opposing views of God and the world.  For them and for the audience, the concentrated drama of their encounter passes too quickly.

Ruth Wisse, Chair in Yiddish Literature, Harvard University


Article:    The Quarrel

Seminar on Light Eternal, a DVD and study guide developed to assist individuals and congregations to discuss and understand the resolutions in "Jews and Judaism: A Statement by the Uniting Church in Australia".


Rabbi Fred Morgan, Temple Beth Israel, St Kilda, Victoria; and

Rev Dr Geoffrey Lilburne, Director of Lay and Continuing Education, Perth Theological Hall


Article:    Seminar Report

Address:  Light Eternal


Kristallnacht Commemoration
"Night of Broken Glass"

Guest Speaker:

The Honourable Kevin Parker AC RFD QC,
Former Supreme Court Judge,

Former Deputy President of the
International Criminal Tribunal, The Hague


Address:  Kristallnacht Commemoration


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