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2007 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General meeting was held at the Como Uniting Church on Wednesday, 30 January 2008 with guest speaker, The Right Reverend Dr Mark Burton, Assistant Bishop,Anglican Diocese of Perth.

Chairperson's Report 2007

Presentation: God, suffering and the 'problem of evil':
                     Jews and Christians as keepers of the question


Seminar:  The Problem of Representing God for 20th Century
Christian and Jewish Artists

Presenter:  Mr Simon Blond, Lecturer in Visual Culture and Art History, Curtin University

Mr Simon BlondOne of the primary aims of art has always been to represent the spiritual dimension of human experience. For Jewish artists faced with the ban on graven images, that has been possible only by representing nature as a reflection of divine will. For the Christian artist there has been a wealth of subject matter which is shown in the rich tradition of European painting. Since the late 19th century, it has been unfashionable for artists and intellectuals to confess to a belief in God and hence similar problems have been faced by both Jewish and Christian artists. In his lecture, Simon Blond traced some of the strategies that artists of the two faiths have used over the past century to overcome these problems.

Problems of 20th Century Artists Disclosed


Seminar:  Mystical Awakenings: Contemplative Spirituality in
Judaism and Christianity

Rabbi Moshe BernsteinPresenters:  Rabbi Moshe Bernstein, Educational Director of the Council of Orthodox Rabbis and Educators and Dr Nancy Ault, Lecturer in Practical Theology,Murdoch University.

In recent years, religions have been reviving contemplative traditions which have been part of their historical legacy. These ancient traditions, often reconstructed in newer contexts, offer the possibility of inner meditative experience.
The seminar provided focus on some of the developments and practic
es that have surfaced in contemporary Judaism and Christianity.  For a full report, click the link below.

Mystical Awakenings


Seminar:  Jewish-Christian Dialogue:  Has it all been said?

Presenter: Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein, Emeritus Rabbi, Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue, Middlesex, United KingdomRabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein

Dr Andrew Goldstein has been a rabbi of Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue (NPLS) since 1970, following his ordination at Leo Baeck College. Prior to his appointment he served as student rabbi at NPLS for five years, so together with his wife Sharon, he has been involved with the congregation almost from its founding in 1964. In August 2008 he retired as Senior Rabbi of NPLS, and in recognition of his service to Liberal Judaism he has been appointed an Honorary Vice President of the movement.

His first degree was in Biology and Zoology and his PhD was on the subject of “Travels to the Holy Land: 1790–1830”. For 20 years Rabbi Goldstein was in charge of the Liberal Judaism Education Department and he has wide experience in Jewish education.

He is vice chair of the European Board of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, a member of the International Council of Christians and Jews executive board, and co-chair of the ICCJ’s Theology Committee.

Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Has it all been said?


Kristallnacht Memorial Service "Night of Broken Glass"

Guest Speaker:  Mr Kenneth Arkwright OAM, Holocaust survivor

L to R: Governor of WA, His Excellency the Hon Dr Ken Michael AC, Dr Mary Marshall, Mr Ken Arkwright OAM and Rabbi Bernstein, members of the CCJWA Executive CommitteeA commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht through music, poetry, drama and reflection was conducted in the presence of His Excellency The Hon Dr Ken Michael AC, Governor of Western Australia.

2008 Kristallnacht Report

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2008 Annual General Meeting

Guest Speaker:  CCJWA Hon. Treasurer, Ann Smith,
                          Spiritual Experiences in Europe

Amendments to the CCJWA Constitution were considered at the AGM.  Click on the links below to download a copy of the Constitution and the proposed amendments.  Please email if you would like to receive a hard copy of the Constitution.

CCJWA Constitution     Proposed Amendments     Amended Constitution

Chairperson's Report

Presentation:  Spiritual Experiences in Europe

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