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2006 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held at the Anglican Church, Applecross on the afternoon of Sunday, 4 February.  The Catholic Archbishop, The Most Revd BJ Hickey, shared his moving personal experiences in the Land of Israel in the light of Nostra Aetate. The Chairperson's report for 2006 can be accessed below.

Chairperson's Report 2006


Maccabean Article 9 February 2007 re AGM


Seminar:  "You, Faith and the 21st Century"


Rabbi Bradley Bleefeld,
Rabbi, Temple Beth Hillel of Carmel, Vineland, New Jersey, USA
Consultant on Biomedical and Integrated Academic and Corporate Strategies
(formerly Governor of Pennsylvania's Advisor on Academic and Economic Development)

L to R: The Revd Assoc Professor Rowan Strong, Chair CCJWA; Rabbi Bradley Bleefeld; Revd Marie Wilson, Committee Member CCJWARabbi Bleefeld has also served on the Boards of the Mid-Atlantic Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and the American Israel Chamber of Commerce.  A passionate advocate of Liberal Judaism, he has also served on the boards of the Association of Reform Zionists of America (ARZA) and the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

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Published Article: You, Faith and the 21st Century

Seminar: "Who Owns Abraham?"

All three of the monotheistic religious traditions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, claim Abraham as their spiritual ancestor, yet each views him from their own perspective.

Jews and Christians share the Hebrew Bible, but focus on different texts and use different interpretations to indicate both common and separate understandings of this important figure for their own self-understanding.

The Qur'an and Islamic traditions offer additional narratives about Abraham, although some are similar to early Jewish rabbinic materials.

L to R: Mr Ken Arkwright, Vice-Chair CCJWA; Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet; and Dr Ralph Hickling, Committee Member CCJWA.Thus Abraham is a figure who dramatises the closeness of the three faiths but also their distinctiveness.

On 8 July, Rabbi Professor Dr Jonathan Magonet presented a lecture examining some of these points of meeting and their implication in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding.

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Published Article: Who Owns Abraham?

Kristallnacht Memorial Service

The 2007 Kristallnacht Memorial Service was conducted in the Auditorium of Perth Modern  School on the evening of Thursday, 8 November in the presence of His Excellency, The Hon. Dr Ken Michael AC, Governor of Western Australia. The guest speaker for the evening was Rabbi Dovid Freilich of Perth Hebrew Congregation.

Published Article: Kristallnacht 2007

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