Past Events - 1995-2005


  • 'Bake and Break'

    An enjoyable afternoon was spent making and eating types of bread associated with Christian and Jewish traditions led by Rabbi Leah Benamy of Temple David, Perth.
  • Pesach (Passover) Seder

    A demonstration Pesach (Passover) Seder service was held at Temple David led by Rabbi Leah Benamy.


  • 10th Anniversary of CCJWA

    The celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of CCJWA was held in the chapel of Christ Church Grammar School.  The keynote address was given by Rabbi Emeritus Raymond Apple of Sydney and music was provided by the choir of Corpus Christi College, Judith Arkwright and organist, Michael Peters.


  • Kristallnacht Service

    The service was held at Ross Memorial Church with the address given by Bishop David Murray, Assistant Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Perth.


  • Annual General Meeting

    The 2005 Annual General Meeting was held on Sunday, 5 February 2006 at Christ Church, Anglican Parish of Claremont.

  • Rites of Passage Seminar

    Speakers from both Orthodox Judaism and Catholicism provided insights into these religious ceremonies.
  • Film and Discussion Evening

  • A picnic was held in the grounds of the University of Western Australia, followed by a Festival of Perth film at the Somerville Auditorium.
  • Quiz Night

    An evening of  fun enjoyed by members and guests alike held at Temple David.


  • Kristallnacht Service

    The service was held at Christ Church Anglican, Claremont with the address given by the Revd Dr Rowan Strong, Program Chair of Theology, Murdoch University and Chair of CCJWA.


  • Passover / Easter Encounter

    On 9 March, a workshop was conducted at which four speakers were invited to share on the most important things for them at this time of the year.
  • Perspectives of Israel

    During the month of June, Dr David Glatt-Gilad of Ben Gurion University gave a lecture at the Worship Centre, Murdoch University, on "Perspectives of Israel" from a contemporary Orthodox view.
  • Religion and Violence

    August - A lecture was given by Fr John T. Pawlikowski, professor of Social Ethics and director of the Catholic-Jewish Studies Program at Catholic Theological Union. He has served for many years as a member of the Advisory Committee on Catholic-Jewish Relations of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops  as well as being President of the International Council of Christians and Jews. He has authored-edited more than 15 books on Christian-Jewish relations and on social ethics.


  • Annual General Meeting

    The 2003 Annual General Meeting was held on 26 October at St Gerard's Primary School, Westminster, with guest speaker, Helen Bryant, former President of Temple David.


  • Kristallnacht Service

    The service was held at St Gerard's Catholic Church, Westminster and was led by Revd Marie Wilson, with the address given by Fr Gerard Beeson.


  • Modern Law: Biblical Roots and Conflicts

    This lecture took place on the evening of 23 October 2002, at the Korsunski Foyer of the Perth Hebrew Congregation, Menora, Perth. The speaker was Rabbanit Aviva Freilich, a legal scholar, lecturer in Commercial Law at the University of Western Australia and wife of Rabbi Dovid Freilich, of the Perth Hebrew Congregation.
  • Annual General Meeting

    Sunday 22 September - Temple David, Mount Lawley. The guest speaker was the distinguished Melbourne rabbi, Rabbi John Levi AM. His talk centred on the traditions of the Passover celebration and the significant connections between Jewish and Christian ritual stemming from this.
  • Kristallnacht Service

    This year the service was held on Sunday, 10 November at Temple David in Clifton Crescent, Mount Lawley.


  • New Jewish Attitudes to Christianity

    Dabru Emet (Speak Truth) is a statement of what might be a contemporary Jewish attitude to Christianity. It was produced by 150 Jewish scholars and it was discussed in a program over two consecutive Tuesday nights, 15 and 22 May.
  • Re-reading Paul with Dr John Dunnill

    Dr Dunnill is a lecturer at Murdoch University and spoke at Murdoch University on Wednesday, 24 October about this new booklet from CCJ, Victoria. Read John Dunnill's, "Paul the Prophet - a Challenge to Jews and Christians".
  • Kristallnacht Service
    This commemorative service, under the auspices of the CCJWA, was held at Christ Church, Claremont on Thursday, 8 November. It is hoped it will become an annual event.
  • Annual General Meeting

    This took place on 18 November at the Redemptorist Monastery Retreat Centre in North Perth.


  • Dead Sea Scrolls Seminars

    The three seminars held on 29 March, 5 April and 12 April led by Professor Bill Loader from Murdoch University attracted an average audience of around 40 people. Bill took the participants on a fascinating journey through a community that existed in Palestine some two millennia ago and readily responded to a series of questions at each seminar.

  • Film Evening - The Last Days

    Our first film evening held at the Jewish Centre on 27 July was a great success. Around 50 members and friends came along. Co-produced by Steven Spielberg's Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, this documentary speaks with five Hungarian survivors of the Holocaust. The producer, James Moll, reviews those last days of the war with newsreel footage, German camp footage, and newly discovered colour footage shot by American GIs after the liberation of the camps. Moll briefly interviews three of these soldiers but it's the five survivors who are his main focus. They recount their stories: lost parents, brothers, sisters, possessions, and they recall events. Many people remained behind and informally reviewed the film over supper.

  • Workshop - The Two Bibles

    The workshop on "The Two Bibles" was held on Thursday, 21 September on the Mt Lawley campus of Edith Cowan University. The lead speakers were Dr James Trotter, Lecturer in Hebrew Scriptures at Murdoch University and Rabbi Dovid Freilich, spiritual leader and rabbi of the Perth Hebrew Congregation. Both spoke on the topic of "Dietary Laws: Keeping Kosher".

  • Annual General Meeting

    The AGM was held on Sunday 19 November, once again at the Redemptorist Monastery Retreat Centre in North Perth.

    In his report CCJWA chairperson, Rowan Strong reminded members that councils such as ours exist for a number of purposes, including the dialogue between Christians and Jews which enables us to see that each is a creation beloved of God. But they also exist to keep faith with that accurate remembering of our common past - to make it harder for Christian Churches and Christians to become allies of the murderers, and to never again permit Jews to be victims because they are Jews. Each one of us, by our continuing membership of the Council of Christians and Jews in Western Australia makes a conscious contribution to that end. He congratulated all members for keeping faith for another year. It is not a popular task, reminding people of something they would often rather forget or which they feel is remote from their lives. But Australian history towards the Aborigines, or events in Rwanda and Bosnia in recent years remind us that human depravity of the Shoah is never far away or irrelevant. He concluded by wishing blessings on members for Hanukkah, Christmas and the holiday season, and said he looked forward to seeing as many of as possible at our events in the next year.

    The guest speaker at the AGM was Professor Alex Cohen AO, Chancellor of the University of Western Australia. He is a past President of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and over the years has been actively involved in a range of areas within the university as well as being a prominent member of Perth's Jewish community.

    Professor Cohen commenced by stating that the attainment of faith is a long and laborious process. In terms of our destiny, we are all, unlike John Donne, "each and every one of us, is an island ... lonely and alone". Faith is unique to each of us through conviction and acknowledgement. Mystery is a vital ingredient and trust is another, says Professor Cohen. In concluding his address, Alex Cohen told the audience "faith is not belief but a distillation of all we experience and take into ourselves as we live and evolve".


  • Lecture Series: Christianity and the Holocaust - 3, 10, 17 May.

  • Visit of Rabbi John Levi AM - 23 May.

  • Workshop on Many Faces of Israel - 25 July.

  • Coach Trip to New Norcia Monastery and Library - 27 September.

  • Annual General Meeting - 14 November 1999.
    Fay Zwicky's presentation given at AGM.


  • Shoah (Holocaust) Memorial Service

    A Memorial Service was held at Christ Church, Claremont in recognition of Holocaust Day on Tuesday, 30 April. The service commenced in darkness and gradually a group of eight candles was lit. Six candles burned for the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust, one candle burned for the non-Jews who died with them, and one candle burned for the righteous Gentiles who risked their lives for the sake of their Jewish sisters and brothers. The service ended with a Candle of Hope being brought forward and the congregation declaring the hope that never again will any nation or people be carried away in such a catastrophic whirlwind as the Shoah.

  • Annual General Meeting

    Our AGM was held on 15 November. The guest speaker, Gavin Simpson, spoke eloquently on the topic Christians and Jews: Why are we afraid of each other? Gavin has worked as a journalist at The West Australian for some 17 years after completing a law degree at the University of WA and studying theology at Yarra Theological Union in Melbourne, as a student with the Franciscan Order of which he was a member for a little less than two years. He has been writing about religious affairs for The West Australian for more than a decade.


  • The Interfaith Agenda - More Than Polite Cups of Tea

    Rabbi Tony Bayfield, the Chief Executive of the Reform Synagogues of Great Britain, visited Perth during July. Rabbi Bayfield who was the guest of the Temple David Congregation, was visiting Australia as a scholar-in-residence of the Australia and New Zealand Union for Progressive Judasim. In addition to a heavy speaking schedule at Temple David, Rabbi Bayfield gave a public discourse at the Jewish Centre on the topic of The Interfaith Agenda - More Than Polite Cups of Tea, to which the membership of the CCJ was invited. It was easy for those present to see why Rabbi Bayfield is one of the leading participants in the Interfaith Debate in the United Kingdom.

  • Erev Succoth Service

    CCJWA members and their guests were invited to the Erev Sukkoth service on 15 October at Temple David. This coincided with the visit to Perth of Rabbi Simeon J. Maslin. A vigorous spokesperson for liberal Judaism, Rabbi Maslin has led congregations in America for 40 years and, until recently, was President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis.


  • Rightly Explaining the Word of Truth

    Rightly Explaining the Word of Truth, published in 1995 by the Council of Christians and Jews (Victoria) was launched in WA by the Rector of Christ Church, Claremont, David Wood. It provides guidelines for Christian clergy and teachers in their use of the New Testament, with particular emphasis on the representation of Jews and Judaism.


  • Inauguration

    Official launch of CCJWA on Monday, 4 September.

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