The Council's objectives are:
  • To promote the education of Christians and Jews so as to appreciate each other's distinctive beliefs and practices and their common ground;

  • To promote the study of and research into historical, political, economic, social, religious and racial causes of conflict between Christians and Jews;

  • To promote, for the benefit of the community, education in those fundamental ethical teachings common to Christianity and Judaism;

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of issues of common interest or concern between Christians and Jews; and

  • To act in Western Australia as the spokesbody on all matters that come within the purview and purpose of such a council.

The Council is not a missionary organisation, neither is it a political organisation; the aim is to promote dialogue, recognising that the Land of Israel has a significant bearing on Christian-Jewish relations.

 Council of Christians and Jews WA Inc.     PO Box 1469  Booragoon  WA  6954     ccjwa@aol.com

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